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Blank Canvas #3

"The Red Dress"

What we do

Blank Canvas #4

"The Blue Indian"

What we do

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“Life Can Be Hard
...and that is why I make the art I make. - We go through the day, our routines, with little awareness of what actually goes on in the lives of other people, or them knowing what goes on in ours. Life is beautiful, and awe inspiring.... but it can also be very hard at times. In my art, through the color, the subject matter, the playfulness of composition, and upon closer inspection - the notice of brush strokes and surface... it is my hope to give the viewer a moment of escape: To forget about the stress, the hurt, the chaos, the pain.....that just moments before might have consumed them....and offer them a chance to smile.”

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jme Smith

289 Doyle, Rd

Caribou, ME 04736

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